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Taking a Ride on the Piaggio Typhoon

The original Piaggio Typhoon was really innovative when it came out nearly 16 years ago. It’s still lighter in terms of weight than most other scooters on the market today. Nevertheless, it’s price is among the lowest for sports 50 models so riders are starting to discover it all over again.

Looking at the Motor

Since the Typhoon is so lightweight, the air-cooled twist and go engine feels like it’s putting out more horsepower than it really is. If you let the throttle out, then your ride should reach around 30 mph in no time flat. The top speed takes a bit longer to reach. Typhoons are much slower if they’re restricted. In this configuration, they take a ton of effort to get up to around 30 mph.

How the Typhoon Handles

While the scooter has fairly small wheels, the chunk tires help to steady the handling so you won’t feel like you’re going to fall off. The tires can also handle striking the curb much better than many sportier rides, which makes the Typhoon perfect for urban environments. If you’re into immature skitching, then the rear brake works great but for most riders, the front one will do nicely.

Glance at the Dash

While you’ll find a fuel gauge and a tachometer on the dash, you might be disappointed that the designers didn’t think to install a clock. There’s enough space under the seat to hold a decent helmet, but you could also use it for storing your tools if you always take your helmet inside with you. The seat is too small to hold two people comfortably, though the manufacturer does claim that it’s supposed to. We won’t advise that you try it. The engine wouldn’t like the extra weight.

Fit & Finish

Piaggio has had a number of quality control issues in the past. Failing parts and rust are major issues with most of their scooters. Make sure that you get a decent warranty.

Final Thoughts

While it might have some issues, the Typhoon is among Piaggio’s best rides. It’s affordable and practical for young riders. It’s also a quirky and unusual scooter, which makes it attractive. Make sure to visit Motoden for more Piaggio Typhoon review articles.


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