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On the Road Again: the Cbt Course London Loves Best

Whether you are ready to get a license for a motorcycle, need to upgrade to an unrestricted license or need DAS Training to get your A2 license, we are here to help get you out on the road and into the lifestyle that you want to lead. We are proud to offer the CBT course London relies on to keep it moving ahead safely. Over the years, we have served many people in obtaining the training that they need… even a few celebrities. In fact, there is a good chance that you may pass a couple of motorcycles out on the road today whose drivers got their training right here with us.

We are a local favorite for a reason. We are a certified, experienced facility and we use only the most current information as well as only the utmost in innovative equipment. By signing up today, you get one step closer to the freedom that only a bike can provide. Whether you are interested in an automatic or manual bike, we can help you to learn, grow and prepare for the journey ahead.



If you are older than 19 years of age, we can help you to obtain your unrestricted or A2 license. You must already possess a restricted, EU or full driver’s license before you can become eligible for an A2, unless you are using the progressive system and have an A1 license.

Compulsory basic training will take you through the motions of learning to operate a bike and the five elements that will help you to drive with confidence and safety. These include off-road and on-road riding, the proper use of controls, understanding jargon and strengthening your eyesight. After you complete your CBT course, you will be given a motorcycle theory test that consists of questions designed to help you make good decisions in various scenarios.

Educated, patient and compassionate, our instructors love teaching both those who are brand-new to motorcycle riding and those who are more seasoned too. It is our passion and our ultimate goal to make you feel comfortable. There is no judging here. We know full well that we were all beginners once and we look forward to helping you become a pro, enjoying the open road like it was always meant to be experienced… freely. Call us today to schedule a course.


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